This page contains the checklists and supplementary forms that must be completed and submitted to the Panel, together with the relevant final announcement or document, at or before publication of the announcement or document.

The following related guidance is also available:

The checklists and supplementary forms below are to be submitted to the Panel, by a financial adviser to an offeror or an offeree company (as appropriate), together with the relevant final announcement or document required to be sent to the Panel in accordance with Rule 30.5(a) or (b). The checklists require advisers to confirm and explain compliance with the relevant provisions of the Code.

The checklists are updated from time-to-time. Please ensure that you have the most recent version by downloading the relevant checklist and any supplementary forms from the list below.

The completed checklist, any supplementary forms and the relevant final announcement or document must be submitted to the Panel by email to:

NB The checklists are not intended to be used to “pre-vet” draft announcements or documents. The Panel will continue its current practice of only pre-vetting Rule 9 waiver circulars and documents sent to shareholders in relation to a proposed re-registration or code waiver.

Download checklists and supplementary forms

Possible offer (Rule 2.4) announcementDownload
Rule 2.11 requirements (possible offer)Download
Firm offer (Rule 2.7) announcementDownload
Rule 2.11 requirements (firm offer)Download
Offer document / offeree board circular and websiteDownload
Revised offer document / offeree board circularDownload
Scheme circular and websiteDownload
Revised scheme circularDownload
Rule 15 offer / proposalDownload
Rule 21.1 circular / announcementDownload

Supplementary forms

• Intention statements scheduleDownload
• Profit forecastDownload
• Quantified financial benefits statementDownload
• Asset valuationDownload
• Partial offerDownload