Hearings Committee

The principal function of the Hearings Committee is to review rulings of the Executive. The Hearings Committee also hears disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Executive when the Executive considers that there has been a breach of the Code or of a ruling of the Executive or the Panel. The Hearings Committee may also meet to consider a matter referred to it for review by the Executive or in other circumstances where the Executive or the Hearings Committee consider it appropriate to do so. The Hearings Committee can be convened at short notice, where appropriate.

The Hearings Committee comprises the Chairman of the Panel, up to three Deputy Chairmen, up to eight other members appointed by the Panel and the individuals appointed to the Panel by the Nominating Bodies.

No person who is or has been a member of the Code Committee may simultaneously or subsequently be a member of the Hearings Committee.

The procedures of the Hearings Committee are summarised in section 7 of the Introduction to the Code. Its full procedures are set out in its Rules of Procedure.

Any party to a hearing before the Hearings Committee (or any person denied permission to be a party to the hearing before the Hearings Committee) may appeal to the Takeover Appeal Board (www.thetakeoverappealboard.org.uk) against any ruling of the Hearings Committee or the chairman of the hearing (including in respect of procedural directions).

Notification of a request to review a ruling of the Executive

In accordance with the Rules of Proecedure of the Hearings Committee, any request to review a ruling of the Executive should be notified to the Committee and the Executive by writing to supportgroup@thetakeoverpanel.org.uk.

The above email address should be used for the initial communication of the notification of a request by a party to review a ruling of the Executive.  Thereafter, the Secretary to the Hearings Committee (who is an independent third party that is appointed by the Chairman in the event of a hearing) will notify all parties to the requested hearing of the contact details to be used.

New Rules of Procedure and Terms of Reference

The Code Committee adopted new Rules of Procedure of the Hearings Committee on 11 July 2016 and the Panel adopted new Terms of Reference for the Hearings Committee on 13 July 2016. The new Rules of Procedure and new Terms of Reference will come into effect on Monday, 12 September 2016.


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