Panel Statements for 2017

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Number Date Subject Summary
2017/23 14/12/17 Sky plc Panel Statement regarding determination of application of a chain principle offer
2017/22 11/12/17 Publication of Response Statements and amendments to the Takeover Code Publication of RS 2017/1 (Asset sales and other matters) and RS 2017/2 (Statements of intention and related matters) and amendments to the Takeover Code
2017/21 02/11/17 New Panel member and Chairman of the Code Committee Panel appointments
2017/20 20/10/17 Guy Elliott
2017/19 29/09/17 Additional Checklists New checklists for use where certain announcements are made and distributed
2017/18 21/09/17 Revolution Bars Group plc Requirement for potential offeror to make Rule 2.7 announcement or announce no intention to bid by 10 October 2017
2017/17 19/09/17 Public Consultation Paper:  Statements of intention and related matters Issue of Public Consultation Paper 2017/2
2017/16 25/08/17 Touchstone Innovations plc Offer timetable extended
2017/15 19/07/17 2017 Annual Report Publication of the Panel’s Annual Report
2017/14 13/07/17 Panel Nominating Bodies Replacement of the WMA by PIMFA and the BBA by UK Finance
2017/13 12/07/17 Public Consultation Paper:  Asset sales in competition with an offer and other matters Issue of Public Consultation Paper 2017/1
2017/12 07/07/17 New Practice Statement and amendments to Practice Statements Publication of new Practice Statement No 31, withdrawal of Practice Statements Nos 3 and 6 and amendment of Practice Statement No 20
2017/11 04/07/17 New Secretary for the Takeover Panel Panel Executive appointment
2017/10 15/06/17 Petropavlovsk plc Ruling of the Executive in relation to the application of Note 2 on Rule 9.1
2017/9 15/05/17 Exova Group plc Requirement for potential offerors to make Rule 2.7 announcement or announce no intention to bid by 2 June 2017
2017/8 13/04/17 Rangers International Football Club plc
2017/7 13/04/17 Amendments to the Takeover Code as of 2 May 2017 Summary of amendments to the Code
2017/6 13/04/17 Practice Statement No 20 Amendment of Practice Statement No 20
2017/5 13/04/17 Director General Secondment of Director General extended
2017/4 13/03/17 Rangers International Football Club Plc Hearings Committee dismissal of appeal by Mr King and requirement for Mr King to announce an offer pursuant to Rule 9 of the Takeover Code

In addition, see Statement 2017/1 issued by the Takeover Appeal Board

2017/3 17/02/17 Unilever Rule 8.3 disclosure procedures for Unilever and Kraft Heinz
2017/2 19/01/17 Panel Membership Appointment of new Panel member
2017/1 10/01/17 Hubco Investments Plc Decision by the Hearings Committee to cold-shoulder Mr Bob Morton and Mr John Garner


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