Panel Statements for 1969

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Number Date Subject Summary
1969/14 01/10/1969 ATV/NORTHERN SONGS Notification of adjournment of a Panel hearing
1969/13 18/09/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Reasons for dismissing an appeal against a ruling of the Panel Executive
1969/12 15/09/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Panel comments on failure of Pergamon Agreement
1969/11 11/09/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Request for Leasco not to withdraw its offer
1969/10 28/08/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Notification of an appeal to the Appeal Committee
1969/09 28/08/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Requirement for Leasco to make offers to acquire the remaining outstanding Pergamon shares at a specified level
1969/08 27/08/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Call for DTI investigation into Pergamon
1969/07 27/08/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Notification of adjournment of a Panel meeting
1969/06 21/08/1969 PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED Request to the Stock Exchange to consider a suspension of dealings in the shares of Pergamon Press pending clarification of the situation
1969/05 01/08/1969 PRIVATE COMPANIES AND UNQUOTED PUBLIC COMPANIES Issue of Practice Note No 1
1969/04 25/06/1969 PANEL EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT Appointment of new Panel Secretary
1969/03 29/04/1969 ADMINISTRATION OF THE PANEL Issue of policy statement
1969/02 25/02/1969 REORGANISATION OF THE PANEL Announcement by the Bank of England
1969/01 04/02/1969 AUSTRALIAN MERCANTILE LAND AND FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Disclosure of dealings following withdrawal of offer

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