Panel Statements for 1996

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Number Date Subject Summary
1996/21 30/12/1996 TRIPLEX LLOYD – WILLIAM COOK Bid timetable suspended pending MMC decision
1996/20 23/12/1996 NORTHERN ELECTRIC Appeal Committee upheld Panel decision to extend bid timetable
1996/19 23/12/1996 NORTHERN ELECTRIC Panel Executive investigation announced
1996/18 23/12/1996 NORTHERN ELECTRIC Bid timetable extended by Panel following receipt of relevant information from offeree adviser
1996/17 18/12/1996 NORTHERN ELECTRIC Purchases by advisers of offeree shares did not breach the Code
1996/16 24/09/1996 KNIGHTSWOOD (PROPERTY & INVESTMENTS) – PCT GROUP Criticism of offeror, its directors and their advisers for breach of Rule 9
1996/15 10/07/1996 CREST Amendments to the Code
1996/14 01/07/1996 APPOINTMENT OF TONY PULLINGER AS A DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL Panel Executive appointment
1996/13 13/06/1996 DERIVATIVES Amendments to the Code
1996/12 28/05/1996 APPOINTMENT OF MICHAEL SHAW AS JOINT SECRETARY Panel Executive appointment
1996/11 30/04/1996 APPOINTMENT OF CARLTON EVANS AS SECRETARY Panel Executive appointment
1996/10 26/04/1996 RENTOKIL GROUP – BET Complaint rejected by Panel Executive
1996/09 26/04/1996 RENTOKIL GROUP – BET Offer not to be announced unconditional as to acceptances pending outcome of complaint
1996/08 25/04/1996 RENTOKIL GROUP – BET Complaint in respect of dealings by exempt market-maker connected to offeror
1996/07 23/04/1996 SOUTHERN ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL – NATIONAL POWER Statement did not prevent the making of an offer
1996/06 19/04/1995 REDLAND – ENNEMIX Each party required to publish breakdown of respective valuation on a RICS approved basis
1996/05 15/04/1996 REDLAND – ENNEMIX Dispute between parties over respective valuations of offeree’s assets
1996/04 12/04/1996 RENTOKIL GROUP – BET Invalid comparison of market price with offer price
1996/02 23/02/1996 RENTOKIL GROUP – BET Duty of offeror to make an announcement before offeree has been approached
1996/01 06/02/1996 APPOINTMENT OF ALISTAIR DEFRIEZ AS DIRECTOR GENERAL Panel Executive appointment

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