Panel Statements for 1985

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Number Date Subject Summary
1985/19 12/12/1985 MATTHEW BROWN PLC Reasons for upholding an appeal against a ruling of the Panel Executive
1985/18 16/10/1985 PANEL EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT Appointment of new Panel Secretary
1985/17 12/09/1985 PANEL EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT Appointment of new Director General
1985/16 10/09/1985 THE DISTILLERS COMPANY PLC Bidder ruled offside from bidding for three to four months following “no present intention to bid” statement
1985/15 07/08/1985 DEBENHAMS PLC Investigation into late large acceptances – Panel satisfied that best practice was followed
1985/14 01/08/1985 DEBENHAMS PLC Clarification of press speculation regarding Day 60
1985/13 29/07/1985 R CARTWRIGHT (HOLDINGS) PLC Cancellation of Panel hearing pending litigation
1985/12 25/07/1985 DEBENHAMS PLC Notification that an appeal against a ruling of the Panel Executive has been dismissed
1985/11 18/07/1985 FLEET HOLDINGS PLC Following an investigation the Panel concluded that there was no evidence of a concert party
1985/10 03/07/1985 LATEST TIME FOR FULFILMENT OF THE ACCEPTANCE CONDITION Extension of latest time for fulfillment of acceptance condition
1985/09 04/06/1985 BRAMMER PLC Statement made by an adviser regarding the Panel was inaccurate. Clarification made by Panel
1985/08 17/04/1985 TOOTAL GROUP PLC Panel’s view that statements of support published by Tootal were inadequately corroborated and should not have been made
1985/07 19/04/1985 REVISED EDITION OF THE CITY CODE AND SARS Summary of changes
1985/06 01/04/1985 REVISED EDITION OF THE CITY CODE AND SARS New Rules to apply with effect from 29 April
1985/05 26/02/1985 DUNLOP HOLDINGS PLC Potential timetable issues regarding material information published after Day 39
1985/04 12/02/1985 CHUBB & SON PLC Investigation into missed profit forecast – Panel satisfied that forecast and reports thereon prepared with due care
1985/03 01/02/1985 DUNLOP HOLDINGS PLC Panel’s view that the presentation of the financial effects of acceptance is misleading
1985/02 23/01/1985 DUNLOP HOLDINGS PLC Clarification of inaccurate press reports regarding a “no increase” statement
1985/01 11/01/1985 GLANFIELD LAWRENCE PLC Reaffirmation of price at which the Rule 34 (as it then was) offer should be made. Date for posting set at not later than 18 January

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