Panel Statements for 1977

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Number Date Subject Summary
1977/21 07/12/1977 CRANE FRUEHAUF LIMITED Panel will not permit directors to repudiate responsibility for forecasts made in bid situations
1977/20 28/11/1977 C H JOHNSON & SONS LIMITED Result of investigation into share dealings
1977/19 28/11/1977 PANEL EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT Appointment of new Deputy Director General
1977/18 10/11/1977 THE BRITISH INVESTMENT TRUST LIMITED Application of Rules 32, 33 and 34 (as they then were) to formula bids
1977/17 25/10/1977 SINGLO HOLDINGS LIMITED Clarification of inaccurate statement by offeree board
1977/16 07/10/1977 ULTRA ELECTRONIC HOLDINGS LIMITED Investigation into insider dealing
1977/15 20/09/1977 MANX & OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED Panel concluded that no mandatory bid obligation had been triggered
1977/14 22/08/1977 NATIONWIDE LEISURE LIMITED Consideration of mandatory bid obligation postponed pending resolution of litigation
1977/13 01/08/1977 PANEL EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT Appointment of new Panel Secretary
1977/12 07/07/1977 TEACHER (DISTILLERS) LIMITED Result of investigation into share dealings
1977/11 01/07/1977 BEAVERBROOK NEWSPAPERS LIMITED Panel ruling that the offers for the Ordinary and ‘A’ Ordinary shares of Beaverbrook are comparable
1977/10 21/06/1977 GREENWOOD & BATLEY LIMITED Disclosure of inaccurate information in the offer document
1977/09 20/06/1977 ROYAL SOVEREIGN GROUP LIMITED Result of investigation into share dealings
1977/08 17/06/1977 BRITISH ROLLMAKERS CORPORATION LIMITED Illustration of the kind of situation in which a warning announcement by an offeree board should have been made
1977/07 27/05/1977 ANDRE SILENTBLOC LIMITED Application of Rule 23 (as it then was) to alternative offers
1977/06 05/05/1977 THE KADUNA SYNDICATE LIMITED Compromise solution in lieu of mandatory bid
1977/05 03/05/1977 THE PROPRIETORS OF HAYS WHARF LIMITED Lifting of previous Panel restrictions
1977/04 14/04/1977 JOINT STATEMENT Joint statement by the Stock Exchange and the Panel concerning price sensitive matters
1977/03 07/04/1977 SCOTTISH AND UNIVERSAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED Panel ruled that no mandatory bid obligation had been triggered
1977/02 10/03/1977 NATIONWIDE LEISURE LIMITED Decision that a director of Nationwide Leisure who bought shares was not acting in concert with the offeror
1977/01 18/01/1977 LEGAL PROCEEDINGS IN RELATION TO TAKEOVER OFFERS Offeree boards are advised to consult if legal proceedings are contemplated

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