All the links in the following table are to documents in PDF format.

2016/9 14 December 2016 New Checklists New checklists and supplementary forms to accompany final firm offer announcements, offer documents, scheme circulars etc.
2016/8 29 July 2016 Amendments to Practice Statements and Instrument 2016/5 Withdrawal of Practice Statement No 1 and amendments to Practice Statements Nos 2, 3, 20, 22, 25, 29 and 30
2016/7 20 July 2016 2016 Annual Report Publication of the Panel's Annual Report
2016/6 14 July 2016 New Terms of Reference and new Procedures for the Hearings Committee and the Code Committee;  amendments to the Introduction to the Takeover Code New Terms of Reference and Procedures
2016/5 14 July 2016 The communication and distribution of information during an offer Publication of RS 2016/1
15 June 2016 Ladbrokes Plc Statement 2016/3 issued by the Takeover Appeal Board
2016/4 17 March 2016 Home Retail Group Plc Ruling in relation to deadline for potential offerors to either make a Rule 2.7 announcement or announce no intention to bid
2016/3 18 February 2016 New Chairman for the Takeover Panel Appointment of Michael Crane as Chairman
2016/2 15 February 2016 Code Committee – Public Consultation Paper: The Communication and Distribution of Information During an Offer Issue of Public Consultation Paper 2016/1
15 January 2016 Xchanging Plc Statement 2016/1 issued by the Takeover Appeal Board
2016/1 14 January 2016 Panel Membership Appointment of new Panel members