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1980/07 10 November 1980 CHANGE TO RULE 13 (as it then was) Introduction of ‘no set off’ Rule
1980/06 23 July 1980 ROLLS ROYCE MOTORS HOLDINGS LIMITED Partial offer announcement made without the Panel’s consent and in breach of the Code
1980/05 11 June 1980 ST. PIRAN LIMITED Conclusion of concert party investigation
1980/04 20 May 1980 ST. PIRAN LIMITED Suspension of offeree company shares pending statement by the Panel following a Panel hearing
1980/03 20 May 1980 DUNFORD & ELLIOT LIMITED Failure of profit forecast. Panel ruling that directors acted in good faith
1980/02 1 April 1980 ST. PIRAN LIMITED Result of concert party investigation – mandatory bid obligation
1980/01 14 March 1980 GILGATE HOLDINGS LIMITED Criticism of directors for failure to implement an offer having incurred a Rule 34 (as it then was) obligation