Response Statements

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Number Date Subject
RS2020/1 31/03/2021 Conditions to offers and the offer timetable
RS2018/2 06/03/2019 The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union
RS2018/1 06/03/2019 Asset valuations
RS2017/2 11/12/2017 Statements of intention and related matters
RS2017/1 11/12/2017 Asset sales and other matters
RS2016/1 14/07/2016 The communication and distribution of information during an offer
RS2015/3 23/10/2015 Additional presumptions to the definition of acting in concert
RS2015/2 23/10/2015 Restrictions and suspensions of voting rights
RS2015/1 23/10/2015 Dividends
RS2014/2 23/12/2014 Post-offer undertakings and intention statements
RS2014/1 14/11/2014 Miscellaneous amendments to the Takeover Code
RS2012/3 15/05/2013 Companies subject to the Takeover Code
RS2012/2 22/04/2013 Pension scheme trustee issues
RS2012/1 24/07/2013 Profit forecasts, quantified financial benefits statements and material changes in information (see presentation)
RS2011/1 21/07/2011 Review of certain aspects of the regulation of takeover bids
Statement 2010/22 21/10/2010 Review of certain aspects of the regulation of takeover bids
RS2009/3 05/03/2010 Amendments to Rule 5.2(c)(iii)
RS2009/2 16/12/2009 Miscellaneous Code amendments
RS2009/1 16/12/2009 Extending the Code’s disclosure regime
RS2008/3 19/12/2008 Electronic communications, websites and information rights
RS2008/2 19/12/2008 Miscellaneous Code amendments
RS2008/1 15/07/2008 Competition reference periods
RS2007/1 29/11/2007 Schemes of arrangement
RS2006/1 21/04/2006 Miscellaneous Code amendments
RS2005/5 21/04/2006 The implementation of the Takeovers Directive
RS2005/4 21/04/2006 Abolition of the SARs
RS2005/3 21/04/2006 Dealings in derivatives and options: control issues
RS2005/2 05/08/2005 Dealings in derivatives and options: disclosure issues
RS2004/4 25/04/2005 Conditions and pre-conditions
RS2004/3 16/03/2005 Market-related issues
RS2004/2 06/08/2004 Possible offer announcements
RS2004/1 06/08/2004 “Put up or shut up” and no intention to bid statements
RS14 24/07/2003 Minor amendments concerning disclosure of relevant share capital
RS13 28/11/2003 Treasury shares
RS12 16/04/2003 Questions as to the possible amendment of Rule 31.9 and related Rules
RS11 27/08/2002 Dual listed company transactions and frustrating action
RS10 04/07/2002 Shareholder activism and acting in concert
RS9 04/07/2002 Questions as to the potential concertedness of the trustees of an employee benefit trust with the board and/or a controlling shareholder
RS8 21/02/2002 Aggregation of dealings requiring disclosure
RS7 21/02/2002 Resolution of competitive situations
RS6 21/02/2002 Purchases by the offeror of shares in the offeree in exchange for securities
RS5 04/12/2001 Electronic acceptances in CREST
RS4 04/12/2001 Disclosure of side agreements relating to offer pre-conditions and conditions
RS3 04/12/2001 Equality of information to competing offerors
RS2 04/12/2001 Refresher announcements under Rule 2.4 of the Takeover Code
RS1 04/12/2001 The dissemination of regulatory information – the FSA’s proposals and implications for the Takeover Code



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Disclosure Table

Details of offeree companies and offerors currently in an offer period. Positions and dealings in relevant securities must be disclosed under Rule 8 of the Code.

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The Takeover Code

The Takeover Code is designed to ensure that shareholders are treated fairly, are not denied an opportunity to decide on the merits of a takeover and are afforded equivalent treatment by an offeror. It provides an orderly framework within which takeovers are conducted.
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